A unique healing treatment which promotes rest, recovery and relaxation, ozone sauna therapy brings with it a wealth of benefits to your health and wellbeing. 

Heating up to a comfortable 40°C whilst CO2 is gently infused to react with the steam, an ozone sauna helps open up your pores on your skin, allowing your body to become fully oxygenated.

Read our breakdown of the key ozone therapy benefits and find out how this treatment can help you take the first steps on your body and mind wellness journey.

Eliminating toxins from your body

Thanks to ozone being a super charged oxygen molecule, it’s 100 per cent natural, chemical free and naturally present on every living thing, enabling your body to undergo a detoxification with the treatment.  The therapy kills any harmful viruses, fungi or bacteria in your body, and eliminates toxins and environmental pollutants through stimulating your sweat glands. This process also means no strain is placed on your internal organs.

Enhancing your skin’s appearance

Ozone sauna therapy has numerous benefits to the overall look and feel of your skin. The treatment can cleanse your skin and improve its health, which reduces the effects of skin conditions such as eczema, Psoriasis, and fungal infections.

The treatment also has anti-aging benefits. Thanks to your skin and tissues absorbing oxygenates, ozone helps tighten and firm up your skin to leave it looking smooth, youthful and radiant. Through improving your overall body circulation and removing any toxins, ozone also breaks down any cellulite and reduces stretch marks.

A positive impact on your energy and performance levels

If you’re leading a busy lifestyle, it can soon catch up on your body and negatively affect your overall energy and performance levels. Through ozone therapy, you can safeguard these and ensure you’re best placed to tackle everything on your daily list.

Ozone sauna therapy helps increase your energy levels, as the treatment oxygenates your body which boosts endorphins and reduces the risk of fatigue. The oxygenation also gives you greater mental clarity and aids your mental and physical performance.

Boosting your physical and mental wellness

As part of any wellness journey, the key component is to promote better physical and mental health. Through ozone therapy, you can work towards achieving your goals for both.

The treatment stimulates your body’s muscles, nervous systems and cells, which allows for an effective and enhanced healing process for any aches and pains you have. For those with weight management goals, using an ozone sauna for weight loss will naturally boost your metabolism and burn up to 500 calories per session.

A benefit of ozone therapy is that it can help calm down your central nervous system through rest and relaxation, which supports in reducing stress, anxiety and tension. Ozone also balances serotonin and melatonin levels, helping you improve your overall sleep quality.

At Fire & Ice, our ozone sauna in Leeds offers a unique healing therapy which oxygenates your body to keep your cells, organs and your entire immune system functioning properly. Book your appointment with us today.


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