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As our body’s largest organ, it’s hugely important to have healthy, happy skin. Not only do you need to ensure your skin is free of irritants and conditions which may be causing you issues, but also you want your skin to look refreshed and revitalised to enhance your appearance.

However, skin can become damaged over time, whether it’s through skin conditions such as acne or eczema or just the fact that age is catching up on us. With the help of light therapy though, you can repair and rejuvenate your skin to reduce or remove any blemishes or irritants to give it a healthy appearance, feel and tone.

Read our guide here on the key benefits of light therapy and how it can help improve your overall skin tone!

Firstly, what is light therapy?

Light therapy is a non-evasive, pain-free skin treatment which uses different waves lengths of infrared lighting to get into your skin. The treatment helps to trigger the natural intracellular processes, which enables damaged skin to be repaired and enhances the overall look and feel of your skin.

There are different types of light therapy, using varying colours to provide different end results and help improve skin conditions. The lights use the ‘invisible part’ of natural sunlight in a concentrated way to offer a controlled exposure of light to your skin – this helps trigger your immune system and reduce the signs of skin conditions you may have, and helps to increase the circulation of oxygenated blood.

What are the main benefits of light therapy for the skin?

Here are the three major benefits to your skin that our light therapy treatments in Leeds can provide:

Reducing the effects of scaring and pigmentation

When your skin is exposed to light therapy, it uses the light as energy to help rejuvenate any potentially damaged cells. This energy accelerates the speed at which skin tissue can be repaired, enabling the signs of scarring and pigmentation to be reduced.

Anti-aging powers

The use of light therapy, especially when red lighting is used, can provide you with a more youthful-looking skin appearance. Opting for a lighter shade of red can help reduce any redness you may have in your skin and improve circulation of nutrient-rich oxygenated blood, which creates tighter, smoother skin. A darker red light can help enhance skin cell regeneration. 

Helping to remedy skin conditions and irritations

A key benefit of light therapy is that it can help reduce the impact of certain skin conditions. For example, the use of a blue light offers antibacterial benefits which reduces any oil build ups, treating existing acne and preventing any further outbreaks. Light therapy also offers a UV-free treatment for skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

If you’re looking to improve the overall tone, appearance and feel of your skin, Fire & Ice has the therapy for you! Visit our treatments page today and find out how we can help get you going on your health and wellness journey.


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