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How Cryotherapy is benefitting one of our regular customers

Below is an account from a regular customer of Fire & Ice and how regular Cryotherapy is benefitting their overall health.

I have been visiting Claire at Fire & Ice now for 7 weeks. I initially contacted Claire after finally finding someone in Leeds that had a Cryochamber. My main objective at this point was weight loss.

What I could never have anticipated was how much more Cryotherapy would benefit my health and overall quality of life. I have always been focused on my heart health and monitored this closely through my wearable. I was less focused on my sleep and stress levels.

Although I have always known that sleeping well and low stress was significant. I chose to ignore the data on my wearable. My sleep has always been pretty bad and this intern impacted my stress levels along with running a high-pressure business. I have always just accepted this as part of who I am and something that I had to just live with.  On and off over the years I have tried to find a solution to remedy my sleep spending a small fortune on supplements but I have never been successful and I gave up any hope. 
The morning after my first Cryotherapy I could not believe what I was seeing on my wearable that morning; I had slept through the night and for the first time ever my body battery was 97% charged.

Throughout the day I also noticed that I did not experience any high stress spikes. Alongside this my resting heart rate has never been so low (48 beats per minute) which indicated the benefits of cold exposure on my cardiovascular system. I wondered if this was all coincidence but it wasn’t, it really was the magic of being exposed to the freezing temperatures.

Another thing to have been rebalanced is my hormones. As I have aged PMT has been something that I have really struggled with. I had previously felt so full of rage for at least 10 days before my period arrived. I actually could not believe that I did not even notice that my period was due until it arrived.  This speaks volumes for the benefits of Cryotherapy on your hormones which moreover will also support minimising stress.

Since experiencing all of these benefits I have been hooked as the chamber has such a positive impact on my overall health and mental health. I can physically feel how much better I feel as soon as I step out of the chamber. I have been in the chamber around 20 times now as it is such an important part of my weekly routine. I have never slept as well as I have over this last 7 weeks and my stress levels have never been so low. 

The benefits on my sleep, stress and overall mental health for me far outweigh my original reasoning for wanting to be exposed to the freezing temperatures. Weight loss is now just an added benefit of the Cryochamber. I can honestly say I love being frozen! 

 - What has been your experience with our contrast therapy sessions? we'd love to hear from you.


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