Christmas 2022 80

Say yes to feeling INCREDIBLE at Christmas!

Every year I used to dread the run up to Christmas.

Another milestone where I wanted to look and feel good, but I still hadn't hit my goals.

  • Overweight
  • Exhausted
  • Depressed

I had tried so many different ways to lose weight over the years. 

Cutting calories aka starvation was what I turned to in times of desperation. 

The starvation made me physically weak, I had no energy and was so lethargic. 

Then I would binge, which created a starvation-binge cycle that went on for years, and made no lasting change expect for damaging my physical and mental health. 

Slimming World, the Aloe Vera Diet, Gut cleanse, the Juice Diet - I tried them all! 

None of them worked because they weren't long term solutions and they weren't designed to get to the root of the problem. 

So I just got more frustrated and disheartened, and knowing Christmas was approaching only made me feel worse, which made me antisocial and didn’t want to go anywhere or see anyone.

Sound familiar?

My life changed when I discovered the power of heat and cryotherapy. 

And since then, it has gone on to change not just my life, but the lives of my many clients. 

How does it create such powerful, long lasting change? 

Firstly, Thermotherapy / Ozone Therapy can burn up to 800 calories per session during and post sessions. During the heat sessions it is likely that you will not only perspire, but supercharge your metabolism and heart rate, detox your body.

Then Cryotherapy can burn in excess of 500 calories per session, whilst also reducing ALL inflammation within the body, from muscular inflammation to Uric Acid levels. Improve recovery time and performance for athletes. Reduces anxiety and stress, and stimulates your endorphins for overall mood, which in turn helps with anyone suffering with Insomnia. Aids detoxification by improving blood circulation assisting your body to deliver oxygen, nutrients and enzymes around the body.

Combining the two together stimulates your metabolism, which enables you to burn calories and assists you on your journey towards weight and management goals, plus boost your mental clarity and resilience. 

Finally, the personalised support and individual coaching helps you to make permanent long lasting change by reprogramming your patterns and habits. 

The best time to start is in the past. The second best time is now. 

If you are ready to change your life and have your best Christmas yet, send me a message or call 07770 851053 and we can get started straight away.

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