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Health and Lifestyle Screening

Fire & Ice are embarking on a Health and Lifestyle Screening service using the latest techniques in evidence based anti ageing medicine, looking after you in body and mind.

We assess our clients and see where they are both physically, mentally, and emotionally, and look at what is happening on the inside of the body.

We help you understand why you are losing your edge which is preventing you from achieving maximum potential in health, fitness and memory, and look for causative reasons of an health issues you may have.

To achieve the best results it is essential that you fast 4 hours prior to you appointment.

Health Screening

£120. Allow 1hr 10

Health Screening with Cryotherapy

£200. Allow 1hr 30


Why would you have a Health and Lifestyle Screening?

Improve Quality Of Life

To improve quality of life, and see what is happening in our bodies from the inside out

Are you digesting your food correctly

Are you digesting your food correctly and getting sufficient nutrients from your food

How Alkaline is your body

How alkaline is your body

Your body's Vitamin C levels

Your body’s Vitamin C levels

Your body's Vitamin D levels

Your body’s Vitamin D levels

Check your Glucose Levels

Your glucose levels

Blood Circulation

Your circulation

how you get oxygen and nutrients around the body

How you get oxygen and nutrients around the body for energy (or lack of it)

Flexibility Of Arteries

Flexibility of arteries

Reasons For Inflammation And Aging

Reasons for inflammation and premature ageing

Cardiac - ECG

Cardiac - ECG

Stress management of the nervous system

Stress management of the Autonomic Nervous System

Your bone mass

Your bone mass

Visceral Fat Around Abdominal Area

Your Visceral Fat: Fat surrounding your vital organs on the abdominal area.

Follow the trends and see how small changes in your lifestyle can achieve great results.

Be the best version of yourself in body and mind, and change your life for the better.


How does Health and Lifestyle Screening work? Analysis and Review

We systematically screen our clients using over 50 measures that build a detailed ‘map’ of where our clients are. 

Once the measures have been recorded, our system will produce a report explaining detailed results of each measure. The results are automatically analysed into bands above and below optimal levels so we can monitor improvements.

From this report we will then make ‘Recommendations’ for the results that fall outside the optimal spectrum.

This will include dietary and lifestyle change, food types to avoid and ones to embrace. We will also make recommendations on exercises to help with general fitness, and breath work along with supplements to enhance required base levels.

To achieve the best results it is essential that you fast 4 hours prior to you appointment.


How often should I have a Health and Lifestyle Screening?

The regularity of screenings is down to personal preference. 

Each and every client's report will be different. Should they choose to follow up on the recommendations, it would be prudent to return for a further screening, where subsequent results can be trended which will show how their actions are improving their condition.

Combining Cryotherapy and Screening - see how Cryotherapy reduces inflammation in the body after only 3 minutes and watch how inflammation continues to drop after your session. What it does with our bodies is astonishing.

Record, measure, and track - watch and monitor all the improvements in your health both in body and mind.


Download Sample Health and Lifestyle Screening Report


We use a unique system with medical grade equipment to record 50 measures that allows us to accurately report on exactly how your lifestyle affects your body and mind.

Book your Health and Lifestyle Screening today to start your journey towards an improved body and mind.

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