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Ozone Sauna

Lay back, relax and enjoy the Fire & Ice full body detox therapy in our ozone sauna. This unique healing therapy oxygenates your body to keep your cells, organs and your entire immune system functioning properly.

The ozone sauna heats up to a comfortable 40°C whilst CO2 is gently infused to react with the steam. This mixture opens up your pores, which allows the ozone gas  to be absorbed by the skin into general circulation.

What is Ozone therapy? 

Ozone is a super charged oxygen molecule, 100% natural, chemical free and naturally present on every living thing. Ozone not only oxygenates the blood and tissues, it also enables the delivery of oxygen directly into the cells where it is needed most.

It helps increase the stability of healthy cells, whist helping to destroy malformed, immature sick cells, viruses, bacteria and pathogens foreign to your body.

The pod also combines ozone with various other therapies, such as photon light therapy for balance, energy and relaxation and Far Infrared Radiation (FIR), which sends gentle radiant heat to the body’s tissues to stimulate the production of hormones and enzymes, dilating pores and improving circulation.

Is Ozone sauna therapy for me?

With the temperature reaching no more than 40°C, the pod is a very relaxing experience for body and mind. The pod is beneficial for everyone, but is particularly good for burning off fat and stabilising your metabolic rate, boosting your immune system, and for general relief with sports injuries.


What are the benefits of ozone therapy?

Detoxifies: Ozone will eliminate toxins, heavy metals and environmental pollutants in your body and will kill harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi. This helps to detoxify your full body and cleanse your system by stimulating the sweat glands, without putting strain on your internal organs.

Weight loss: Using infrared and an Ozone sauna for weight loss will help boost your metabolism naturally and burn up to 500 calories per session.

Restores balance: Ozone reduces stress on your body, calms down the central nervous system, improves blood circulation, cardiovascular support and mineral absorption.

Increased energy levels: Ozone oxygenates your body and boosts energy levels, which in turn reduces fatigue and boosts endorphins.

Anti-aging: Ozone tightens and firms your skin, preventing premature ageing leaving your skin looking radiant.

Appearance of skin: Ozone cleanses the skin and reduces the appearance of Psoriasis, eczema and fungal infections.

Banishes cellulite: Ozone removes toxins, improves circulation and can break down the appearance of cellulite and reduce stretch marks.

Anxiety relief: Ozone helps to relieve your stress, it calms down the central nervous system to relieve anxiety and tension.

Sleep quality: Ozone balances serotonin and melatonin levels, helping to improve your sleep quality.

Pain management: Ozone takes away your aches and pains and heals your body by stimulating your muscles, nervous system and cells.

Improves immunity: Ozone strengthens and stimulates your immune system, by cleansing your body circulation your blood and lymph normalises and reduces inflammation.

Improves performance: Ozone improves your mental clarity and memory and provides quick recovery times to aid physical performance.

Ozone sauna therapy can be particularly valuable for people with degenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease, motor neurone disease, multiple sclerosis, and cancer. Ozone gives you a gentle introduction into detox, it takes the load off the liver, kidneys and lymph so you start detoxifying without burning any of the symptom

Medical Information

If you are pregnant we will not under any circumstances administer Ozone Therapy. If you’re not 100% sure about your pregnancy status we will not administer Ozone Therapy. – Increases babies heart rate.

Ozone does not need heat to be effective only a moist environment. All temperatures are regulated by Fire & Ice Ilkley. Temperatures in the Ozone Chambers might be increased over time if deemed necessary.

There are no side effects from Ozone.

If you are actively taking any medication (blood pressure medication, insulin, contraceptive medication, prescribed medication etc.) we strongly advise that all medication is taken 4 HOURS PRIOR and 4 HOURS AFTER an Ozone Therapy treatment – Ozone neutralizes chemicals

If you are currently receiving Radiation or Chemotherapy treatment we strongly advise that you WAIT 4 DAYS AFTER these treatments before having an Ozone Therapy treatment. Please inform your Doctor that you are receiving Ozone Therapy.

Do not consume alcohol WITHIN 8 HOURS PRIOR to Contrast Therapy treatments – Increased heart rate and heart size.

Do not take anything containing Vitamin C for 1 HOUR BEFORE or 1 HOUR AFTER an Ozone Therapy Session – Vitamin C destroys Ozone.

If you are very frail, weak, bedridden, pregnant/breat feeding women, or have blood that won't clot, OZone Therapy cannot be taken. Additionally it is not for children under 14 years of age or for people 4 days before and after chemo.

Important Information

You will be required to sign a disclaimer before your treatment is carried out and you will need to complete a Medical Declaration form. These will be sent to you via email or SMS after your booking is placed. Please complete them prior to your visit. By making a booking you agree to our terms & conditions.


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Thank you Claire for having the courage to create such a wonderful business.

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